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Uske News

Uske is built for future generations, using what we’ve learned from past generations

September 9, 2020

Enhancing land management training for Manitoba First Nations 

First Nations have always been stewards of their lands. Most First Nations cultures expect the current generation should safeguard the land for generations that follow. 

Uske is carrying on this tradition by helping Manitoba First Nations build capacity to effectively manage the development of lands on reserve as well as in urban reserves. In pre-colonial times, land management decisions were comparatively simple. Today, they require First Nations to have skills and knowledge in conservation practices, sustainable resource management, and best practices for commercial, industrial and residential development. 

Additionally, Uske recognizes that land managers need to understand the policies and regulations of municipalities, the province and the federal government. 

Currently, 34 Manitoba First Nations are members of Uske. The goal is to eventually support every First Nation in the province to build a strong network of land managers who can share knowledge and collectively raise standards for development of all kinds among First Nations. 

If you are interested in learning more about First Nations lands management issues or want to discuss membership, please contact us today.