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Uske News

Understanding The Indian Land Registry System

January 19, 2022

Join Our Free Webinar On January 25

The Indian Land Registry System (ILRS) aims to provide service to First Nations regions and districts in making copies available of abstracted records and documents, both manually and digitally. Indigenous Services Canada developed the ILRS to provide a history of transactions in an effort to protect the legal rights of individuals who have or may acquire an interest in reserve lands. Do you need help maneuvering the ILRS? Join us at our webinar on January 25 to learn more about this system.

Are you interested in other webinars that could educate First Nations on ways to promote economic development on their reserves?

Here are the dates to some of our future webinars:

  • February 22 - Urban Reserves & Municipal Development and Services Agreement.
  • March 8 - How First Nations can benefit from geographic information system mapping.
  • March 15 - Estates is another program that ISC administers and how records are kept.