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PLMCP certification shows a dedication to high standards

September 2, 2020

Raising standards for First Nations land management

Uske is one of a network of regional lands associations who work with the National Aboriginal Land Managers Association (NALMA) to raise professional standards of land management for First Nations across Canada.

Creating PLMCP 

One of the most important steps towards this goal was to create a certification program that demonstrates an individual has achieved a specified level of knowledge, who keeps current in the field and who adheres to a professional Code of Ethics. 

NALMA worked in collaboration with INAC and subject matter experts to develop the Professional Lands Management Certification Program. A land manager receives their PLMCP designation after successfully completing two levels of training. 

There are currently three post-secondary educational institutions with options for completing level one: University of Saskatchewan, Algoma University, and Vancouver Island University. 

Level two is called technical training and is delivered by NALMA. Technical training deals with specific roles and responsibilities of First Nations Land Managers operating under the Indian Act or under self-government. 

For more information about the PLMCP program, contact Uske LINK or visit NALMA